What to Do if Your Pet Ingests Something Poisonous

Animals are curious by nature, and sometimes that curiosity can lead to the ingestion of something toxic, whether it’s chemicals, medication or a food item that isn’t safe for animal consumption. In these situations, time is of the utmost essence. Here are some helpful tips from a Euless emergency vet on what to do if your pet swallows something poisonous.

Identify the Poison – The more information you can provide to your Euless emergency vet, the better, so try to determine ahead of time what your pet ingested. Look for wrappers, chewed containers or any other evidence that might reveal the culprit.

Act Quickly – When it comes to a pet poisoning, time is of the essence. The sooner you seek treatment with your Euless emergency vet, the better the outcome for your animal companion. It’s also important that you try to establish a timeline for when your pet may have ingested the toxic substance. This will help in determining the best course of treatment.

Place the Call – As soon as you suspect that your pet may have gotten into something he or she shouldn’t have, you should contact either your Euless emergency vet or pet poison control. Keep emergency numbers where they can easily be accessed in an urgent situation.

Remain Calm – Animals can sense when we are frightened or anxious, and this can make a bad situation worse, so do your best to stay calm and collected. Your vet may ask you to perform emergency treatment before bringing your pet in, so you must be level-headed enough to do so.

Follow Instructions Carefully – When you contact your Euless emergency vet or poison control center, they will ask you some specific questions and will provide instructions based on the answers you provide. These instructions may involve performing first aid, or rushing your pet in for treatment immediately. Pay close attention and follow instructions carefully.

Pet poisoning emergencies are no laughing matter. What you do in these situations and how you react may mean the difference between life and death for your animal companion. By following these tips and working closely with your Euless emergency vet, your pet will have a much better chance of a full recovery.

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