Dr. John Johnson – DVM

Dr. John Johnson was born in Dallas, Texas but moved to southwest Oklahoma when he was 5 years old. Growing up on a small family farm in Marlow, Oklahoma led him in the direction of becoming a Veterinarian. After graduating from Central High School in 1987, John attended and graduated “Cum Laude” from Cameron University in Lawton, Oklahoma. There, he received a bachelor’s degree in both Biology and Biochemistry.

John was accepted into the Oklahoma State University College of Veterinary Medicine in the spring of 1993. He graduated from Veterinary School in 1997. John was on the Presidents Honor Roll and graduated in the top 15% of his Veterinary class. After graduating from Veterinary school, he moved to Ardmore, Oklahoma, and worked in the mixed animal practice for 3 years. He joined Airport Freeway Animal Emergency Clinic in August of 2000. At that time, the emergency clinic was owned by a group of about 30 local Veterinarians. After practicing emergency medicine for 2 years, John knew this was what he wanted to do for the rest of his Veterinary career. So, he purchased the emergency clinic from the group of Veterinarians and has been the owner since.

John lives on a small ranch in Alvord, Texas, about 1 hour outside of Fort Worth, with his wife Jennifer, and 3 children. When not practicing veterinary medicine, John enjoys spending time with his children and coaching little league baseball. They enjoy spending time outdoors, riding Harley Davidson motorcycles, dirt bikes, 4-wheelers, playing baseball, pretty much being “ornery” most of the time. They have 2 Rottweilers, Piper and Bindi, a Boston Terrier named Turbo, and a Boston Terrier puppy named Suey.

Dr. Colette Levasseur:

Dr. Colette Levasseur was born and raised in Montreal, Canada. Following her graduation from the University of Montreal’s Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in 1991, she practiced small animal medicine in Canada until 1999. She then decided to pursue her passion for emergency medicine and successfully completed a one-year internship in advanced critical care and internal medicine at a small animal referral practice in California. Colette then completed a three-year residency in emergency medicine and critical care in Texas before relocating to Massachusetts.

Colette has special interests in small animal surgery, pediatrics, and radiology. She lives with her three cats and a poodle mix named Rooby. When she isn’t helping sick pets, Colette enjoys long-distance cycling, hiking, and endurance swimming.

Dr. Trudy Smith:

Dr. Smith started at AFAEC in 2007 and worked full time until 2017, where she began doing relief shifts with our hospital. She graduated from Texas A & M in 2001. She pursued her interests in emergency and critical care and furthered her education in 2002 at the North American Veterinary Conference. She has also been certified in Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM) by the Chi Institute in Florida, specializing in Acupuncture and Food Therapy. She loves helping animals feel better and giving them a better quality of life. She owns a Red Heeler named Jack, and Boston Terrier named Ruby. Along with those pests, she has a Crested Gecko, 4 ducks, and 11 chickens that free-range her property. Dr. Smith enjoys reading, gardening, preserving and canning foods that she grows herself. She has been married to her lovely husband since 2001 and has three younger boys. They also enjoy fishing as a family.

Dr. Joanna Henderson:

Joanna Henderson, DVM graduated from Texas A&M University in 2006 where she earned a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree. She has worked at AFAEC part-time since 2008 and also owns a home hospice practice. She lives with her husband and her young son. She enjoys forgetting to weed her rose garden, reading old sci-fi novels, and maintaining a love/hate relationship with her backyard chickens. She currently is the servant of three dogs (Vanessa, Beatrice, and Jacob), and a cat (Smokey).

Dr. Sarah Kegel:

Dr. Kegel was born and raised in Leipzig, Germany. She earned her doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from the University of Illinois in 2012. Post-graduation she relocated to Ft Worth Texas and started working as a general practitioner in small animal and exotic animal practice. She has been a full-time Associate Veterinarian at Airport Freeway Animal Emergency Hospital since 2015. She maintains an interest in all aspects of emergency medicine and feels this field allows her to make the biggest difference as a Veterinarian for animals and their owners. Dr. Kegel enjoys getting to know animals and their families and feels there is nothing more rewarding than a visit by a recovered patient. She shares her home with her two rescue dogs Jack and Daku, and several scaly companions, including two painted turtles and a snake. On her days off, Dr. Kegel can usually be found on an outdoor adventure trail riding her horse Lady, hiking with her dogs, or kayaking. She also likes to travel to visit her family in Germany.

Dr. Mendi Hill:

Dr. Hill graduated with a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 1999. She recently completed her coursework for a Master of Psychology and Addiction Counseling. She has been full time with Airport Freeway Animal Emergency Clinic since April 2020. She has worked for the hospital on a part-time basis since 2016. She enjoys spending time with her husband, Chris, and her dogs, cats, horses, and a donkey. She has a permit to rehabilitate wildlife and especially loves working with raccoons. She also enjoys traveling and gardening.

Mary Rainey:

Mary was born and raised on a farm in Illinois. Her family always had dogs, cats, and cattle on the farm. Her love of animals and medicine brought her to the field of veterinary technology. She went to a two-year junior college and moved to Phoenix, where she lived and worked in veterinary medicine for 17 years. Mary has been a veterinary technician since 1984 and can’t think of any other job she would rather do. In 2018, she decided that being a client services representative was what she enjoyed and decided to be AFAEC’s first receptionist.

After her nephew, Paul was born Mary decided to move to Grapevine so she could be near him. When not at work Mary likes to hike, work out at the gym, and go to her nephews’ baseball games. In addition to her physical activities, Mary is an avid reader. In fact, if there was a “Readers Anonymous” club, she could very possibly be the president! Mary is also very involved with her church and partakes in both community charity efforts and mission trips. Her human family consists of a sister who lives in Phoenix and a sister, brother-in-law, and nephew who reside in Grapevine.

Linda Hawks:

Linda was born in Detroit, Michigan, and moved to Texas in 1976 to attend college. She graduated from the AMT program at Cedar Valley and went on to pass her board exams to become a Registered Veterinary Technician. Emergency medicine has always been her passion but she has also worked with exotics (in a zoo) and in equine surgery. Linda has worked at AFAEH since …….

Continuing education has always been very important to Linda, so she has completed several online classes in the field of emergency and critical care, and is currently a member of VECCS (Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society). Linda has three daughters and four grandchildren. She lives 3.5 miles from a paved road with a dog named Luke, and 2 cats. She enjoys woodworking, yard work, and spending time with her grandchildren in her past time.

Elizabeth Etheridge:

Elizabeth began her career with the hospital in 2005 and worked there until 2010. She pursued other opportunities, then returned in 2017 and has been with us since! She started in veterinary medicine in 1992 and never left. She grew as a young technician at the second largest hospital in the nation. Then in 1996 began pursuing emergency and critical care in a referral hospital in California alongside a 26 doctor team. She enjoys patient care most of all. She loves developing a relationship with her patients and watching their progression from near death, and most often, to complete healing. She has a cat named Kateri, a bottle-raised cat named Baby Fuzzy, and a dog that was hit by a car and rescued from the hospital named Levi. Elizabeth enjoys working with mixed media in her free time such as cut glass, beads, fabric, canvas, tiles, and acrylic paints. She also enjoys writing, listening to music, cooking, baking, and riding her bike. Elizabeth loves spending time with her three beautiful daughters.

Tiffany Dickerson:

Tiffany started with Airport Freeway Animal ER summer of 2016. She has four cats and two dogs. Veterinary Medicine has always been her passion and continues to love every day at our hospital.

Amber LaRock:

Amber began working full time at AFAEH in May of 2015 and continued until 2019. In 2020 she began traveling full time, but still enjoys working at the ER when visiting home! She is a Licensed Veterinary Technician with a degree in Veterinary Technology and has worked in multiple areas of this field. The bulk of her career has been in emergency medicine but has worked in a lab, writer, and traveler. Animals are her passion and she hopes to continue in this field for the rest of her life. She has two cats named Oliver and Louis, and one dog named Ellie. Along with the many fostered along the way. When she is not working, she can be found reading a book or taking care of her foster kittens.

Jana McNabb:

Jana started at our hospital in June 2018. She started as a kennel technician in 2016 with another hospital and moved up from Receptionist to Technician through our hospital. She is pursuing her license to be a Certified Veterinary Technician through Penn Foster. At the young age of 6 years old, she wanted to be a Veterinarian and has loved animals her entire life. Jana owns three dogs, a cat, a 12-year-old ball python, a crested gecko, betta fish, and a number of tarantulas. In her spare time, she enjoys caring for her animals and creating YouTube videos based on animal care.

Margaret Savage:

Margaret started in the animal medicine field as a kennel technician in 1997. She became a technician the following year and continued as a surgery technician and kennel supervisor for 9.5 years after when she switched to emergency medicine 2007 at Animal Emergency Hospital of North Texas. She worked in Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine, and Ophthalmology during her time there, also being promoted to shift lead and inventory manager while she was there. Margaret decided to join our team in 2019. She has a deep love for science, medicine, and working with animals. She owns 5 cats, 2 chihuahuas, and a husky-border collie mix. In her spare time, she practices Muay Thai, where she will compete in a Nationals Master division (once COVID-19 allows her to do so).

Savannah Savage:

Savannah started with Airport Freeway Animal ER full time in August 2019. She has a Bachelor of Science and Agriculture in Animal Science with a concentration in Biotechnology from Oklahoma State University. Go Pokes! She has 9 years of experience that includes emergency, internal medicine, and general practice. Her pets include a Boxer/Hound mix named Fergus, and 2 cats Walter Claude IV and Gustav. She enjoys practicing and competing in Jiu-jitsu and boxing in her free time.

Clint Tabor:

Clint joined our team in August 2019. He has been a Technician since April 2016, starting his career in the field at Creature Comfort Animal Clinic in Arlington. Clint was originally pursuing an RN certification when he realized animals were his forte. He has one pet; a cat named “Greyworm”, that was a kitten he acquired needing bottle feeding. He describes Greyworm as having a dog-like personality and his best friend. In Clint’s free time he enjoys photographing his cat, hanging out with friends, and watching sports. Clint is also a Navy Veteran that served from 2012-2016.

Whitney Thorne:

Miss. Thorne started full time with us in August 2019. She previously worked for 4 years at a small animal day practice. Whitney has her associate’s degree in Veterinary Technology and is working to be a Licensed Veterinary Technician by 2021. She has 2 cats and one dog and enjoys quiet time at home outside of her work with her loved ones.

Meagan Tabor:

Meagan has been working as a relief technician with our hospital for two years, but recently joined us full time in September of 2019. She has been working in critical care for approximately 5 years, with a special interest in feline behavior and medicine. She has two cats and two dogs that she loves dearly and maintains a laid back life with them.