At Airport Freeway Animal Emergency Hospital, we’d like you to envision us as an important partner and an extension of your trusted family vet. In the course of your pet’s regular care and treatment, situations may arise in which your vet may feel that your pet would benefit from the expert opinion of a specialist. In those instances, we’re here to step in and help, providing that added level of care beyond what your family vet can provide. The goal is to work together to get your companion on the path to excellent health again as soon as possible.

In the event that your pet becomes ill or suffers an injury, we recommend that you contact your family vet first. He or she may be able to provide your animal companion with the appropriate care and treatment to resolve the situation. If, after examining your pet and performing any necessary tests, your vet determines that further diagnostic testing is needed, or that your pet requires a surgical procedure that is beyond the scope of their own in-house capabilities, a referral to us may be the next step.

At Airport Freeway Animal Emergency Hospital, we consider ourselves to be a partner in your pet’s veterinary care. We want you to feel confident that, should your animal companion require our services, that both you and your family vet will be an integral part of that process. Our doctors, specialists and support staff will always keep you informed of your pet’s condition, and advise you on any treatments provided, the overall prognosis of your pet, as well as any recommendations and aftercare instructions. This team approach ensures the highest level of care for your beloved pet.

If you feel as though your pet would benefit from a referral to our hospital, please work with your family veterinarian.