When Sami wasn’t acting right, I took him in right away. They went in expecting just an obstruction in the stomach and ended up finding he had colonic torsion. The road to recovery was rough, but everyone there was so nice and supportive the whole way. 4 days later, and we finally have our boy home! Thank you so much for taking care of our baby! (And thank you, Ned the cat, for distracting me while I was a crying mess Saturday).
-Kendall C.

I took my dog there because I thought he had something stuck in his throat. The tech checked him out and showed me some videos on YouTube to compare to my dog’s symptoms. The first video was spot on what my dog was doing (reverse sneezing). We were in and out in about an hour (no other patients while we were there).
Everyone was professional and very friendly. I hope I never need their services again but if I do I won’t hesitate to use them.
-Sarah B.

Such a great experience. My boyfriend took my baby (dog) in while I was at work because she was vomiting blood so of course I was hysterical. As soon as I got off work I went to check on her and the amazing staff made me feel 110% better. My dog is very standoffish of people she doesn’t know and for her to stay over night I was very nervous. But the Amazing doctors and nurses made me feel so much better. I recommend this place to anyone who needs care for their fur babies.
-Sydney F.

My dog split his leg open while we were on vacation (the second night we were gone) well he is a stranger skittish Dog (snapping, growling, barking)so his feeder couldn’t get a good look at it but kept an eye on him. Well we got home on a Sunday, we noticed his cut was very deep. Well no other vets where open so we took him here. He ended up having a 3 hour surgery and stitches. Needless to say the staff was incredibly friendly, did a super great job at explaining eveything that was needing to be done! Now my dog is a happy camper and is all healed! Would highly recommend them!
-Isabel A.

Amazing people! I had no way to pay my bill and the front receptionist was kind enough to provide me with information on how to get it covered. They were fair and honest which is much appreciated in this day and age. I’m an office manager for a clinic, so this is not bias opinion in any way.
-Blake P.

They worked really well with my dog. I was super impressed with the service we got. They gave me so much good information and were helpful even precutting my dogs medication. They were very gentle and careful. I would bring him back in a heartbeat but hope I don’t have to.
-Kimberely R.

We brought our Macaroni to be seen and our nurse Lee was so concerned for our cat & feelings he allowed us to mourn instead of worrying about the cost and feeling guilty about puttying him down.
GREAT care and GREAT service… i will come back if I have to.
-Lili D.

We had a puppy that was old and suffering. The care we were given there was great. We had to decide it was time for our family member to move on and be out of pain and suffering. They were very aware of the hurt inside of us and took care of us. Thank you
-David M.

They were great with my boxer that went on a chocolate binge resulting in toxicity. The team offered me the best care within my budget and my baby is back to his old self. Highly recommend this location.
-Tomi H.